Samba school Império do Papagaio provides affordable, versatile, quality and of course very communal teaching of dance and music for all ages and genders. We want everyone to enjoy themselves and feel welcome in the community.

At Império do Papagaio, we greet, behave friendly and respectfully towards others without forgetting about humour. Império do Papagaio wants to provide all hobbyists a safe and pleasant environment where everyone has a right to be themselves without having to experience harassment, bullying or discrimination. Together we are responsible for how we treat each other and what kind of an atmosphere we build.

Império do Papagaio does not accept inappropriate or threatening behavior in member events or social media against its members or other involved. Inappropriate behavior is behavior that is against general good manners and can cause harm or danger to another person’s security, health or well-being. It also affects negatively to the atmosphere and functionality of the community. Inappropriate behavior is for instance:

  • violation of personal integrity; all sorts of physical and emotional violence and sexual harassment
  • degrading use of language and gestures (such as name-calling, yelling)
  • discrediting
  • spreading false information
  • unfounded criticizing
  • discriminating
  • excluding someone (e.g. from a group or conversation)
  • limiting possibility to say opinions
  • concealing information
  • insulting behavior that is directed at persons age, origin, nationality, language, religion, belief, opinion, political actions, state of health, invalidity, sexual orientation or other personal causes.
  • any other type of bullying

Império do Papagaio’s members have a right and responsibility to intervene to any type of inappropriate behaviour and harassment and situations should be resolved as soon as possible. If you experience inappropriate behavior, tell the person directly that his or her behaviour is not acceptable, and you find it inappropriate. Tell concretely what type of behavior has been inappropriate and disturbing.  If conversation with the person does not change the situation or you don’t dare to bring up the subject yourself, discuss about it with other members or Papagaio’s board. If the person who has been the victim of inappropriate behavior does not have the courage to bring up the subject, should other discerned intervene the situation. Boards duty is to handle all situations that have been experienced as inappropriate or harassment. Board talks with people involved confidentially without presumptions, hears views of the situation from each party and decides about suggestions for solutions. Goal is to find a solution to the conflict so that the involved get peace and feel well in the community.

Bringing up community’s problems and handling things jointly is not inappropriate behavior.