Império do Papagaio is a non-profit organization with no paid staff. Everything we do, we do ourselves as samba community. And we mean absolutely everything from cleaning to costume-making and to composing, planning and teaching music and choreographies.

As a non-profit, we strive to keep rehearsal and membership fees as low as possible in order to make it possible for anyone to be a part of Papagaio.

Samba school Papagaio offers the most versatile and affordable high-quality dance and percussion classes with a community spirit. First class is free for newcomers. We welcome everyone to Papagaio!

Carnival fee 2024
Carnival fee is 45 € per adult attending the carnival. Adult participants also need to be members or have a temporary membership.
Carnival fee for kids is 30 €. Additionally, a child’s spring season fee (dance/bateria) must be paid in order to participate in the carnival.

Bank transfers 
Account number: FI1880001802105628 (Danske Bank). Please use the correct reference number, see below.

Other payment methods: debit card, credit card, MobilePay, Smartum, ePassi and Edenred. See below for more instructions about the payment methods.

Price list

Payment typePrice / feeReference number
Membership fee50 € (Aug-Jul)1300
All access season (dance & music)150 € (Autumn/Spring, members only)20006
Bateria season fee50 € (Autumn/Spring)10100
Child season fee40 € (Autumn/Spring)55550
Sibling season fee (children)25 € (Autumn/Spring)55550
Single dance class8 €1229
Dance card 5 times (valid 6 months)35 €10003
Dance card 12 times (valid 6 months)60 € (members only)10003
Course fee varied12344
Carnival fee45 € adult
30 € under 18
Shirts and dressesvaried7773

Please note that all members only prices require an active membership (adults). Membership season is valid per season, from August to July.

Adult classes
Single dance class fees apply on all weekly classes and most intensive courses. 5 times and 12 times dance cards are always personal and cannot be converted to money or transferred to another member. Both dance cards are valid six (6) months and can be prolonged with three (3) months with 15 euros one time payment before the expiration date. Bateria classes do not have single class fees, only season fees apply. First time is free of charge for newcomers.

Children’s classes
Children (under 18-year-olds) don’t pay membership fees but instead pay a season fee (Autumn or Spring). Please find prices and payment instructions above.

Cashiers in Papagaio’s kitchen
Papagaio’s cashiers are present before a dance class begins. Please note that the cashiers will not hand out or sell items on other days or times.

Payment methods
Papagaio’s products, classes, season and membership fees as well as other possible products on sale can be paid for with debit or credit card or through bank transfers.

MobilePay, Smartum, ePassi and Edenred can be used to pay only classes. If you pay classes with MobilePay, use the code 57511 in the recipient field and add the letter T (dance) or B (bateria) to the message field depending on the type of class you are paying for.

Becoming a member
Pay the membership fee and fill in the member’s contact information form here: Please update your contact details when needed. You will be added to our members email newsletter list if you give the permission for it. Any private person over 18 can become a member at Papagaio. Members are entitled to members only events, meetings, prices, discounts and newsletters as well as events and meetings organised by the Association of Samba Schools in Finland.

Persons under 18 years old do not pay a membership fee, and therefore are not actual members. Instead the season fee (Autumn or Spring) for children acts like a membership fee, allowing children to attend same events as the adults. However, in order to represent Papagaio in a meeting, a person must be over 18 years old.