Papagaio’s quadra / address
Oksasenkatu 1-2 (bomb shelter)
00100 Helsinki

Kitchen: (09) 2411 431 (only weekday nights)

laskut (at)

Enquiries concerning rehearsals & classes
Adult dance: Tiia Moilanen and Minni Kanerva, tanssiopetus (at)
Children: Salla Mondragon, lapset (at)
Kids bateria: Kari Winqvist, kari(at)
Ala da Bateria: Markus Jaatinen, +358 41 506 6353, markus (at)
Banda Reggae Papagaio & Pagode: Kari Winqvist, kari (at)
Financial matters and cashiers: Pia Åkerberg, laskut (at)

Gigs: Nette Rohde-Nielsen, keikat (at)
Book a show

Other questions: Papagaio’s board, hallitus (at)
President of Papagaio: presidente (at)

Current information and newsletters will be emailed to Papagaio’s members every now and then (mainly in Finnish, ask for more info in English when needed).

If you are a member of Papagaio and want to be added to the mailing list, please send a message to: tiedotus (at)

Sometimes emails can get blocked or misdirected, and then you can try the following:
– Add “tiedotus (at)” to your contacts
– Send a test message to “tiedotus (at)”

You can also find Papagaio’s members only group on Facebook and receive member newsletters through the Facebook group.