Want to develop your carnival samba dance and samba presentation skills and to represent Papagaio as one of the performers? Papagaio dancers perform in various events, and there are  two dance groups available for members interested choreographies, performing on gigs and parades.

Both groups practice closely throughout the samba school’s academic year in preparation for the show sets, introducing show choreos, processions and  improvisation. The aim is that each member of the choreography group gets to perform on a Papagaio gig.

Performing Group 1
* On Thursdays 6.45-8.00 pm
* The show group members are required to commit to touring and for training, as well as, of course, a relaxed samba school spirit. Basic samba moves (samba no pé and arm, leg and pelvic control) must be held by a slow tempo and a medium tempo.
* Show material, technique practice, high heel dancing and performance skills are taught. In addition, making samba costumes, make-up use and other related important samba dancer skills will be covered.
* Directors: Marja Ojala, Kati Suomela, Jenny Nissinen and Seni Manneh

Performing Group 2
* Wednesdays at 7.45-9.00 pm
* Samba school Papagaio’s advanced performing group. This group requires commitment to rehearsals, samba no pé to high tempo and perfomance skills.
* Choreographies and gig materials are maintained and rehearsed weekly.
* Directors: Katja Ilppola, Salla Kytömäki and Kaisa Solin

Our members have the opportunity to perform as percussionists.