Our Thursday evenings has a new treat this season as Banda Reggae Papagaio is on holiday. Pagode, samba de mesa, partido alto, samba de Raiz … sambistas beloved style of relaxed samba has many names.

Percussion instruments used in pagode are lighter than in carnival samba (pandeiro, tan-tan, repique de Mao, Ganza …). The melodic instruments (cavaquinho, guitar) and the song also play a particularly important role.

We’ll start with the basics, so it does not matter if playing and singing together is new to you. The very first piece is to learn “this evening samba” (aka Papagaio Blues) – now the words of the times!

Pagode is on every Thursday from 8.15 to 9.30 pm throughout the Autumn period. Pagode is included in the bateria season fee – ie Mondays bateria workout for Thursday is included in the price! Director is a great Finnish pagodeiro Kari Winqvist.

(Spring season’s Thursday rehearsal time will be used for sectional training.)