Banda Reggae Papagaio (BRP) is a part of samba school Império do Papagaio. The band’s samba, reggae and African rhythm-based music is combined with a massive drum/percussion base as well as with more melodic and more modern pop music.

Samba Reggae
Samba reggae comes from North-East Brazil, Bahia, Salvador. It has a more clear, slow-paced and rhythmically nuanced style than the Rio (carnival) samba. Pure samba reggae music can also be combined with other Brazilian styles of music, such as candomblé, forro, axé, maracatu and also pop elements.

Banda Reggae Papagaio is on a sabbatical for this season but if you’d like hear more of them, they have released two albums:
Banda Reggae Papagaio, 2003
Seremonia Popular, 2009

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